The cutest baby shoes – Knit free Pattern

I posted these little cute baby shoes a while a go on my instagram @bebeboulevard and some of you have asked many times to share the pattern, so here it is 🙂



Any DK yarn

Needles size 4mm ( circular or not)


P : Purl

K: Knit

P2Tog: Purl 2 together


Cast on  35 st

Rows 1-7: 35 p

Row 8:  35 P

Row 9: 35 K

Row 10: 35 P

Row 11 : 35 K

Row 12: 35 P

Row 13: 35 K

Rows 14-19: 14 p, p2tog, 4 p, p2tog, leave 1 ( take in the right needle), turn

Row 20-21: p all around

Row 22: Cast off ( leave around 15 cm of yarn to sew)

Sew from the wrong side, fast off

You can play with ribbons, pompoms, buttons or whatever you want to add a special touch.

Please share your creations with me here or on instagram using #bebeboulevardpattern



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