Classic Baby – Toddler Bonnet

I am a bonnet addicted, yes if I could I would make my daughter wear one bonnet per day every single day, but of course that is not possible!

I used Yarn and Colors yarn that I’ve been in love for a long time and was just waiting for the perfect project, it’s a new brand with such soft yarn and of course as the name says, fantastic range of colors!!

You can find the entire range of colors from Yarn and colors here!

So let’s go to the bonnet?

You will need:

Yarn and colors ‘Fabulous’ yarn ( or any yarn for 6mm hook)

6mm hook

1 Button

Yarn needle


This bonnet is for 12-24 months, to increase or decrease the size simply do by changing the yarn and hook size.

Chain count as first dc

Keep ( means you must follow the same pattern till the end of the row)


Row 1: Chain 19, dc in the 5th chain from the hook, 14 dc, 7 dc in the same st ( last st), keep crocheting in the back loop of the base chain, 16 dc

Row 2: Chain 3, dc, chain 1, skip 1, dc… keep till you have 11 dc, inc, chain 1, skip 1, dc.

Row 3: Chain 3. 15 dc, inc, 1dc, inc (9X), 16 dc

Row 4: Chain 4, skip 1, dc, chain 1, skip, dc, keep…

Row 5: Chain 3, dc all around

Row 6: Chain 2, skip 2, dc + chain 2, keep…

Row 7: Chain 4, 3 dc cluster+ chain 2, cluster, chain 2, cluster…keep

Row 8: Chain 4, dc, chain 1, dc ( note that the dc st has to be in every empty space from the row 7), chain 16

Row 9: From the 3rd chain from the hook, dc all around, fast off.

Place the button using your yarn needle ( I like to use the yarn to sew but that it’s up to you)


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