Baby romper – free pattern

Looking for a nice baby gift or perhaps you are expecting? Baby rompers are a must as they can be used for girls and boys and you can easily play around with buttons, ribbons and bows!

So take up your hooks and let’s start!

*Cotton yarn

* Hook 4mm

Sizes Newborn and 3 months

For bigger sizes the trick is to increase the number of chains when you start, I recommend to add 4 chains for each size up or you can use bigger hook

Soon I will make available a size toddler available here in the blog, stay tuned.

Chain: 11 (16 for 3 months)

Row 1: Start form the 2nd chain from the hook hdc all around, chain 2

Row 2-3: hdc all around, chain 2

Row 4-13: Increase, hdc all around, increase in the last stch, chain 2

Rows 14-26: Hdc all around, turn, chain 2

Row 27 : skip 4 stch, hdc all around, stop when you have 4 stich left ( this is the first row of the body), chain 2

Row 28-34: dec, hdc all around, dec , chain 2

Row 35-38: hdc all around

Row 39-64: 3hdc

Row 65: chain 5, slip stch, fasten off

Skip 11 stch, repeat rows 39-65, fasten off.

Back body:

Repeat till row 26

Sew wrong sides together, finish with single crochet all around including the legs.

Sew in 2 buttons in the back side.

Hope you all enjoyed this pattern as much as i did!




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    février 23, 2017 at 2:01

    Oh my!! I could not be happier to have one of my favorite crochet designer making such nice blog!! I LOVE your patterns!!

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